Ms Liew FS, age 30, Banking & Finance

Ho Yan Hor Night Tea

I had difficulty in sleeping and used to wake up in the morning tired and unrested. A friend of mine who practises chinese medicine recommended that I should drink mulberry tea, to reduce body heat and strengthen the liver functions.  I searched and found HYH night tea, which is made of mulberry tea leaves combined with a few herbs. After drinking a few times, usually after dinner,  I can sleep better and feel more refreshed the next morning.  Nowadays, whenever I feel like having a good rest, I will drink the night tea. Am recommending to friends who need to sleep better.

Mrs Wong SP, age 47, Human Resources

Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea

I usually  take  antibiotic at the first sign of sore throat to prevent getting a cough later.  I was told by a friend that Ho Yan Hor has a gold tea which works wonders for sore throat. I gave it a try  and am so happy, my sore throat vanished the next day. Tried it on my son and sister, they were very happy too. Nowadays,  whenever I have some throat irritation, I will make a cup of Ho Yan Hor gold tea, add with a sour plum and it tastes really good. No more antibiotics for me....

Lau SY, age 44 , Project Management Executive

Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea